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Image of Grovo icon.Every day it seems like the tools we use online change. Privacy policies, interface updates, new features… keeping up with things can feel like a full-time job. You practically need an assistant just to keep abreast of developments in social media and online marketing.

Fortunately, there is a virtual assistant you can turn to for exactly that kind of help. It’s called “Grovo.”

From their website:

“Billions of people are now connected to the Internet, and cloud-based services increasingly dominate our personal and professional lives. Grovo helps you get the most out of these services so you can be more productive and spend time on what matters most.Each day, our NYC-based team produces one-minute video lessons covering every change to the world’s most popular websites, mobile apps and online tools–and we deliver those lessons in real-time.

Tell us which websites and apps you use, and you’ll always be in the know.”

Grovo lets you grow as the internet grows. Find them online at:

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