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Celebrate the DIY Life with Instructables

Are you a hands-on kind of person? Does the term “Do It Yourself” send a shiver of pleasure up your spine? Does it make your day to save money and time hacking the little things in your life? You might love Instructables. Originally started as a documentation system for creative folks at the MIT Media Lab, [...]

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Make Mock-ups Fast with PlaceIt.net

If you’re into a little DIY graphic design for your marketing or social media posts, you may find PlaceIt.net handy. PlaceIt allows you to quickly create mockups of your images on device screens, apparel, print collateral and more. It’s a great way to merge your branding with high-end stock photography in a wide variety of situations. Best [...]

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I Don’t Replace It, iFixit

It seems ironic that when sustainability and recycling are such hot topics of conversation that so many of the devices we use on a day-to-day basis are more easily replaced than repaired. How often have you wanted to fix an appliance or smartphone only to hear, “It’s cheaper to replace”? iFixit is a company which disagrees. [...]

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