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Fish Free Images from Pixabay

Creating engaging posts for your real estate business online requires more than a little visual flair, and as our readers know, we’re always on the lookout for free graphic resources you can turn into infographics, backgrounds for quotes, and stand-out social media shares. While we’re big fans of Unsplash (and frequently use it for Tuesday Tactics), we’ve [...]

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Make Mock-ups Fast with PlaceIt.net

If you’re into a little DIY graphic design for your marketing or social media posts, you may find PlaceIt.net handy. PlaceIt allows you to quickly create mockups of your images on device screens, apparel, print collateral and more. It’s a great way to merge your branding with high-end stock photography in a wide variety of situations. Best [...]

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Design in Seconds with PixTeller

If you’ve struggled to engage with social media because you lack the design chops to create punchy graphics, meme-like images, and catchy ways to capture more likes for your posts, here’s a new tool you can use to make design fast and easy: PixTeller. According to TechCrunch, PixTeller “is a sort of instant design studio with [...]

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