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Build Your Business with HomeLight

As readers of Tuesday Tactics know, we’re always on the lookout for platforms which promise to benefit both agents and homeowners. Recently we came across HomeLight, an interesting new company which provides buyers and sellers an “intelligent matching” system for finding the right agent. According to HomeLight, buyers and sellers sign-up, provide a little information about [...]

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Land More Listings with First.io

Ready to ride the wave of cloud-based data and deep analytics to land more listings? First.io is a service designed to help you prioritize conversations, enrich your contact data, automate follow-up, all using cutting edge AI tech. The idea is pretty sophisticated: Leverage your existing network of contacts to create more leads. Using “over 700 external data [...]

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Build Your First Chat Bot with Chatfuel

Capturing leads and responding to prospects’ questions in a timely manner should be easier with the variety of online messaging tools available. But what if you didn’t have to respond to them at all? What if you had a bot who could do most of the heavy lifting for you? Chatfuel is a platform designed to [...]

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