Talkwalker Alerts: Monitor Your Brand (or Anything)

Image of Talkwalker AlertsJust because you don’t know what’s being said about you doesn’t mean it isn’t being said. Ignorance of your reputation is no defense, so it’s vital that you maintain a sense of what customers, competitors, and the media may be saying about you personally or your company.

Google Alerts is one great way to keep on top of what people are saying, but a free alternative worth exploring is Talkwalker Alerts. According to their website:

“Talkwalker Alerts are an easy and free alerting service that provides email updates of the latest relevant mentions on the Web directly to your email box or RSS feed reader.”

Talkwalker Alerts is also a handy way to keep tabs on competitors, a topic, or a specific neighborhood. Almost any keyword you can think of is suitable for monitoring.

Talkwalker also offers robust, global social media monitoring, but comes with a hefty price tag (and is probably only suitable for major companies where the investment is worth the effort).

In the mean time, check out Talkwalker Alerts and see if there’s any news out there about your business you didn’t know about.

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