Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs

Image of terrible bathroom.Yes, we like to keep Tuesday Tactics focused on useful tools and tips you can use to improve your business and your quality of life. But sometimes we come across something so hilarious we can’t resist sharing it.

File this one under “laughter is the best medicine” and consider it our contribution to your health plan. Without further ado, we present the new Tumblr blog, Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs.

Consider it a collection of cautionary tales. Property photos so bad you’ll be crying from laughing so hard. From the guy caught playing a flute in the bedroom mirror (no, that’s not a euphemism!) to the used mattresses hanging out in the pool, these property photos are surely the worst of the worst. Be sure to read the captions!

Some select gems:

“If those are nicotine stains, then that thing on the floor could very well be a lung.”

“A tip: If someone has recently passed away in the presence of their loved ones and family priest, it’s OK to rearrange the chairs afterwards.”

“I mean come on. You had all day to close that drawer. And when do you finally snap into action?”

Give yourself 10 minutes to recharge and laugh out loud:

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