The Best Mobile Hotspots for 2019

Mobile hot spot by Netgear for AT&T.When you’re out with clients checking out homes and touring neighborhoods, you don’t want to get caught without a speedy internet connection. Don’t rely on coffee shop WiFi for a scroll through photos or research on new listings– protect your privacy and impress your clients with your own mobile hotspot.

PC Magazine recently put together a “Best Mobile Hotspots for 2019” list and brings up the all-important question for your new hotspot: Should you prepare for ultrafast 5G?

Check out these five hotspots as well as PC Magazine’s take on how the carriers stack up. Make sure you’re prepared no matter where you go in 2019:,2817,2400503,00.asp

If you’d like a second opinion, take a gander at the always trusty Wirecutter review by the New York Times:

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