The Closing Word: Macabre

Image of Closing Word LogoThis week we continue our vocabulary-building series, “The Closing Word.” Each week we provide a new word to help build your vocabulary and show you an example of how to use it.

This week’s closing word:


Pronounced: (muh-CAH-bruh)

shockingly repellent; inspiring horror

From “This word first appeared in English in the context of the “Dance of Death,” recounted in literature as the figure of Death leading people in a dance to the grave, and translated from the Old French Danse Macabre. The Macabre part of the phrase is thought to be an alteration of Macabe ”a Maccabee,” an allusions to the Maccabees, who were a Jewish people who led a revolt against Syria about 166 B.C. and were martyred in the process.”

“In our neighborhood, the Halloween decorations can get quite horrific. It’s as if there’s a contest for the most macabre house on the block.”

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