The Closing Word: Wend

The Closing Word: WendThis week we continue our vocabulary-building series, “The Closing Word.” Each week we provide a new word to help build your vocabulary and show you an example of how to use it.

This week’s closing word:


Pronounced: (whend)

direct one’s course or way

From “It’s always good to have a goal, and that’s true with wending. You know where you want to go, so you wend your way there. You’ll notice that wend looks like the verb wind, and they both come from the same Old English wendan, which means “to turn, depart.” When you wend, you may take curvy, windy roads, a more scenic route, some detours and side alleys, just for fun. But don’t wend too much or you’ll be late.”

“Now and again when I’m on my way home, I like to wend my way through unfamiliar side streets in order to get a sense of unfamiliar neighborhoods.”


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