The Hidden Costs of Disorganization

A cluttered office.Decluttering isn’t simple an aesthetic concern for homeowners. Clutter actually hides more than the back of those closets and cabinets– it cloaks a myriad of small losses which can add up over time.

HouseLogic has a helpful piece which highlights the many hidden costs of disorganization. Your clients might not realize how clutter in each room of their house can have a different impact on their time, energy, and home budget. For example:

In the home office, lost papers can cost you time and energy hunting them down or ordering duplicates. Misplaced bills can easily turn into late fees or dings on a credit rating.

In the kitchen, clutter hides expired food, makes it hard to find ingredients, and can result in double-purchases of supposedly “lost” cooking utensils and tools.

Check out the piece for more insight into the costs of clutter, and be sure to pass it along to those clients preparing to move:

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