The Pluses of Google+ for SEO

Image of Google+ SEO iconGoogle+ may sound to you right now like “another Facebook,” and you may think that sounds like one more hassle you don’t need to have. But Google+ is more than Facebook simply because of one reason: Google owns search. The truth is a little more complex, but essentially this means that your participation in Google products, especially Google+, is likely to make you more visible and credible in search results.

We recently came across a very compelling article on the topic of Google+ and thought you might want to check it out as it pertains to your business. Some insights include:

“Sharing things on Google+ and encouraging others to +1 your content works essentially the same way as Facebook “likes”, but the impact is more pronounced because Google Search favors sites that have received more social credibility from others.”

“The larger your Google+ network, the more directly or indirectly you influence the search results of the people who have you in their circles.”

“Google+ Local is a part of Google+, and focuses specifically on businesses and their locations. These pages are similar to Facebook business pages, but include a many more features geared to help businesses connect with local consumers on a social level.”

We urge you to take a look at this excellent article by Social Media Today for more information and compelling research as to why Google+ should be a priority for your business:

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