The Simple Dollar: A “Saving Grace”

The Simple Dollar logoOne way you can help prospects eventually become clients is by extending a helping hand when it comes to financial knowledge. Lots of current renters, unemployed, and impoverished students are tomorrow’s home buyers.

If you’re the one who helps people realize the dream of home ownership through sound financial guidance, you’re more likely to be the agent they choose when the time comes.

Does this mean you have to become a financial planner in your spare time? Of course not. But you can keep in touch with prospects by passing along nuggets of financial advice which better position them to be home owners in the future.

One great source for thrifty inspiration is “The Simple Dollar Blog.” From the website:

“The Simple Dollar is a place where anyone can come to acquire financial information on finding the best products and services, saving money, making smart investments, and controlling personal finances. Think of the The Simple Dollar as a personal finance platform you can use to make better financial decisions and grow your bank account.”

Sharing their articles with your clients is a great way to stay in touch on a topic that will impact their future ability to buy a home.

Check out The Simple Dollar here:

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