Three Tips to Build Your Email List

Bulk up your email list.Building your email list should be a top priority on your website. (Your second priority should be treating that list like gold and ensuring you never abuse or otherwise violate the trust of your subscribers.)

But in terms of growing the list, below are three simple tips which will help drive the number of sign-ins you receive on a monthly basis. Take a look at your website and see if there’s anywhere you can improve your opportunities for new subscribers using these three tips:

1. Place an email sign-in box at the end of each blog post. If someone has crossed the finish line on one of your blog posts, why not encourage them to sign-in? A simple call to action, such as, “Subscribe to my periodic newsletter to receive short articles like this delivered to you directly.” Or: “Sign in to be notified when new tips are posted.” There are many ways to do this, but a nice, visible box with a clear field for just their email address is key.

2. Place email sign-in box at the top of your sidebar (if you have a sidebar). Moving the email newsletter sign in box to the top of your website’s sidebar has been shown to increase sign-ins as much as 25% for some agents. Not only is it above the fold, but often this space is cluttered with visual noise that buries the sign-in box. Move it up, get it in front of your traffic!

3. Place “social proof” in your sidebar. ”Social proof” is loosely defined as client testimonials, a list of “popular” posts, and compliments you’ve received from your newsletter. Prove to your visitors that people enjoy hearing from you and you’ll net more subscribers over time.

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