Tiny Letter: A Free Tool for Running Your Email Newsletter

Image of TinyLetter LogoOften agents who use My Real Helper’s content for their email newsletter to clients find themselves in the position of searching for something more professional to manage their contacts. As their newsletter grows, managing the list manually can be quite a hassle, to say nothing of complying with CAN-SPAM laws and ensuring high deliverability.

According to Intel, “approximately 3.4 million emails are sent each second, that’s 294 billion every day. 78% of emails are spam.” Without a professional email management solution in place, it’s highly likely the manually-sent “bcc:” email newsletter to your clients is ending up in the trash.

Unfortunately, many professional email newsletter management programs are expensive. For your average agent, there’s no need for a full-blown list management package capable of hundreds of thousands of records a month.

One excellent free option for agents is “Tiny Letter,” an email newsletter management service provided completely free of charge by the same people who run MailChimp.

Tiny Letter allows you to handle up to 2,000 contacts at no charge, and is specially designed for people who want to grow a readership with a distinctly personal feel. This makes it ideal for My Real Helper members looking to customize and use our personalized contact to connect with their circle of influence.

If you don’t have a list management solution for your contact database, we recommend you try a free Tiny Letter account today:


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