Tips for Going “Zero Waste”

Going Zero Waste ebook.How concerned are you about the garbage you generate? Maybe you or your clients are particularly eco-aware, and always look for ways to reduce your impact on the planet. Given the alarming news about theĀ world’s plastic problem, you might want to look into the concept of “going zero waste.”

We recently came across the website Going Zero Waste, a resource filled with ideas to help reduce your use and keep our landfills from becoming choked with excess garbage. There are tons of tips on the site, and easy-to-follow guides for beginning your “zero waste” journey.

A good place to begin is “The Beginners Guide to Zero Waste.”:

There are also 10 tips for replacing common household products here:

Even if you’re not ready to go zero waste, you can certainly adopt one or two tactics to help preserve the environment for future generations. (It’s also a great place to find articles to share on Facebook with your eco-conscious prospects.)

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