Today’s Thoughts: 4 Ways to Avoid Remorse When Buying a House Virtually

Since the spread of COVID-19, consumers are showing more willingness to purchase a home without stepping foot inside. Twenty-four percent of 1,300 consumers surveyed say they’d be willing to buy a home without seeing it in person. So why do so many people have something they regret after they buy a home?

It is easy to get caught up in the emotional aspect of buying a home, which could lead to you possibly overlooking certain key elements. It is often only once you have moved in and everything settles down, that you start to see things you might have previously only glossed over or missed.

You loved your future home when you signed the contract to purchase it, but now you’re not sure if you made the right decision. What if you acted too quickly and a better house comes on the market next week? What if you paid too much? What if something happens to your finances and you can’t make your house payments?

Hundreds of questions run through your mind as your closing day draws near. Most questions are simple and easily answered, but sometimes doubt creeps in and makes you uncertain if you want to proceed with the purchase.

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