Trend Watch: 55+ Households Are Nearly Everywhere

Image of website map of U.S. homes with 55+ age by county.Here’s a report you may find interesting from the website, which takes a look at the distribution and growth of 55+ age-group households across the U.S. As you think about your marketing plans for the next 5 − 15 years in terms of targeting potential downsizing, condos, and accessibility issues, this report may help shape your thinking.

by By Paul Emrath, Ph.D., Economics and Housing Policy Group, National Association of Home Builders

Looking at the incidence of 55+ households with data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS), this article finds that:

  • About 38 percent of U.S. households are headed by some age 55+.
  • In every state, the 55+ category accounts for over 30 percent of all households.
  • The 55+ household share is also over 30 percent in 97 percent of all counties.
  • At the high end, 44 counties have a 55+ household share of over 60 percent.
  • Five Florida counties stand out, combining a 55+ household share over 60 percent with relatively large populations (at least 38,000 total households).

This report might also be handy as a reference, if you’re creating blog posts, “fact sheets” or other research-based marketing messages targeting the 55+ segment.

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