Unclog Slow Drains for Less with Zip-It

Zip-It LogoCalling a plumber out to snake a slow drain is expensive. Often a slow drain is not seriously obstructed, but may be blocked enough that typical chemical cleaners won’t do the job.

If you have slow drains, there’s an inexpensive DIY tool on the market perfect for handling those medium-sized clogs. It’s called Zip-It.

Zip-It is a barbed, plastic tool with a ring at the top. Measuring 20-inches in length with 18-inches of barbs, Zip-It is simply inserted into the drain and then “zipped” back out. The barbs hook the material components of the shallow clog. Many (totally disgusting) videos on the Zip-It website show exactly how effective this simple tool can be.

Available widely online and at home improvement stores, a single Zip-It tool costs around $1.25, making it an incredibly economic way to maintain the drain area and trap of any bathtub, shower, or sink. It’s an ideal little tool for those homeowners trying to tune-up their drains for listing.

You can learn more on the website here:

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