Up Your Personal Curb Appeal with Stitchfix

Stitchfix Logo.We talk a lot about curb appeal as it’s crucial to presenting a home in its best light. Whether it’s a repainted front door, a perfectly landscaped lawn, or a brand new yard sign, tuning up the aesthetics makes a big difference.

So what about your own curb appeal? Have you taken a look at your own wardrobe lately? Image matters hugely in real estate, and if your closet is looking a bit worn or out of date, this might be a good time to lay hands on some sharp new fashion.

Stitchfix┬áis a service designed to both save you time shopping while personally selecting new outfits which match your style. Here’s how it works, according to Stichtfix:

  1. Tell us about your style, fit and price preferences in a detailed Style Quiz.
  2. A personal stylist will curate five pieces for you to try on at home.
  3. Give your Stylist feedback, then only pay for what you keep. You won’t be charged for items up front.
  4. Drop your free USPS return envelope in any mailbox–it couldn’t be easier.
  5. Schedule on demand, or set up automatic deliveries. Get the clothes you need on your terms.

If you’re concerned about your personal curb appeal, check out what Stitchfix has to offer:


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