Upgrade Your “Mobile Office” with iSeeCars.com

iSeeCars Logo.Just like your wardrobe and your personal appearance, the car you drive as a real estate pro is an important part of your overall image. When you pull up in their driveway for a listing appointment, what do they see? If you drive them to see houses, what is their experience like?

And let’s not discount your own experience in your car. It’s practically an extension of your office. Does it put you in a good mood? Are you comfortable? Periodically it’s a good idea to take stock of your rolling HQ and ask yourself if it’s time to upgrade or at least refresh your ride.

Recently we were introduced to¬†iSeeCars.com, a service designed to eliminate the headache of car shopping. According to their website: “iSeeCars’ award-winning tool for searching used cars and finding the best deals has saved shoppers over $70 million so far. Every listing is analyzed to help you avoid overpaying. Every dealer is rated so you don’t get scammed.”

One interesting feature of iSeeCars.com are the research reports they compile about automotive trends. Some recent reports include:

Thinking about a new car? Cruise by iSeeCars.com before you buy:

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