Using Google Analytics to Land More Clients

Image of Google Analytics Small Business Guide website.Google Analytics can provide a wealth of insight into how well your website meets your goals. Using the free tools Google provides, you can get an idea how people navigate your site and where it’s failing to meet your goals.

You may not think you have the time to learn about Google Analytics, but consider the following example:

Let’s say you have 100 visitors to your site over the course of a month. Your goal is to have them register, either to search for homes, or to have you contact them to setup a meeting. Of those 100 visitors, assume you’re converting about 4% into potential leads. This means you have 4 of 100 visitors to follow-up with. For simple math, let’s say that 25% of your leads turn into productive business (either buyers or sellers). That means for every 100 visitors, you’re turning 1 into a client.

Now imagine that using Google Analytics you discover that an unusually high number of visitors to your registration form abandon the form. Is it the language? The video you thought was helping? Is something broken with the form in certain web browsers? You work with your web designer to create alternate versions of the page. Sure enough, you find one that increases conversions from 4% to 8%. Now instead of 4 leads, you’ve doubled to 8. Assuming your close rate on those leads stay the same, you’ve doubled the productivity of your website simply by understanding what’s going on with analytics!

How many deals over the course of a year are you missing out on simply because of poor page optimization?

If you’re curious about learning more, check out this incredible series of tutorials we found from the U.K. site “Simply Business.” It includes step-by-step tutorials for all levels of experience:

The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics

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