Using Message Maps for a 15-Second Pitch

Learn the 15-second pitch.More than ever, a concise pitch is key to communicating with clients and colleagues. In this 5 minute video with Carmine Gallo, you can learn how to use a “message map” to pitch anything in 15 seconds. What’s more, Carmine even shows you how to strengthen that pitch when you have 30 seconds or more.

1. Watch this video to learn step-by-step how it works:

2. Once you’ve watched the video, read the accompanying article from Forbes Magazine. It will not only break down the steps for you, but provide a handy “how to” guide for building message maps and their corresponding pitch:

3. Finally, how does this apply to real estate? While it can obviously be useful for pitching your own services quickly to casual contacts you meet through your day, it can also serve as a very powerful tool for each and every one of your listings.

Imaging if you could pitch the unique attributes of every listing in a concise, 15-second pitch. If you think of the house, rather than your services, as the item being pitched, you’ll find it is an incredibly powerful tool for quickly (and suggestively!) walking potential buyers through what you feel are the key attributes of the home.

Why just dump the facts from MLS? Craft them into a 15-second pitch for the property. With one for each home you show, you could very well be on your way to one of the best closers in the community.

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