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Shoot and upload once, share for all. makes video sharing easy.

Our smartphones give us just about everything we need to shoot video these days. It’s quick and easy to take a clip of a soccer game, take quick video evidence of damage for an insurance claim, or even send a nice video greeting back to a prospect.

But how do you quickly and easily share those videos through your phone? And how do you know the format you use to record the video will be visible to your audience on the other end? solves the problem of encoding video into multiple formats and displaying the right one automatically for your audience. It also creates a simple, short, shareable link that you can use to instantly post on social media, text messaging, and email.

The service is completely free for up to 10 “active” links per month. For most people, this is plenty for sharing a handful of links as-needed with others. (If you need more than the free option, there’s a very simple price calculator on their website.)

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