Video “Thank You” Pages Add a Personal Touch

Flip video camera.You are a big part of your brand. The sooner you form a personal connection with your prospects, the more likely they are to become clients.

One great way to do this with internet leads is to put a “thank you” video on the page people see after they fill out a form on your website. Think about it: Forms are impersonal, cold, and for many people, they don’t inspire much confidence.

Questions visitors have when they fill out forms include: “How do I know who sees this?” “What will happen next?” “When will I hear back?” “Will I receive a confirmation message?”

Why not put those questions to rest with a simple video? Using a Flip camera, webcam, or other digital camera, record a quick video of yourself that you’re going to put on the thank you page.

Make sure your thank you video includes the following:

1. A greeting from you– be short, be personal. Think first impression!

2. A big “thank you” for their time.

3. An accurate explanation of exactly what happens next. (For example: “In the next few minutes, you should receive an email message from me, letting you know your inquiry was successfully received. If you don’t see it soon, be sure to peek in your spam folder. Regardless, I will give you a call within a few hours… etc.”)

4. Any further instructions or advice you would like to give them. (For example: “Between now and the time we speak, you might find some of my blog entries on the local community helpful. Just click on the link you see below…”)

Putting the video online is as simple as uploading it to your free YouTube account (you do have one, right?), and then having your webmaster (or yourself!) copy the “embedded video” code from the YouTube page and paste it in your thank you page.

Not only is the video a thoughtful touch, but it puts you ahead of people who rely only on a cold, generic response. Prospects will remember your face and your voice. Put yourself in front of your interested prospects right away.

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