What to Do with an Inherited Life?

Dishes on a shelfDecluttering is a perennially hot topic. Whether you’re coaxing a client to up their home’s appeal, or tracking the latest trends in tiny homes or “van life,” unstuffing our stuffed abodes seems to be increasingly central to the conversation about how we live our lives.

So what do you do when you inherit someone else’s life in addition to your own? More and more often, boomers are finding themselves inundated with stuff they don’t want, need, or has little value– just as they’re busy downsizing themselves.

A recent article in Next Avenue talks confronts this issue and offers some helpful advice for those who are “home unfurnishing.” Working with appraisers and liquidation companies are just some of the ways to handle the challenge. There’s also a link to the Rightsizing and Relocation Guide from the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

Of course not all of an inherited life amounts to furniture. There’s also the issue of family photos. The website Unclutterer has some helpful advice on this front, including tips for archiving and disposal.

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