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Learn More Hot Keys at ShortCutWorld.comOne way to boost your productivity in the office is to learn keyboard shortcuts for popular applications. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to rapidly perform tasks without touching your mouse or trackpad. It may seem like a small thing, but learning keyboard shortcuts by heart can add up to hours of saved time over the course of a year.

While each program has keyboard shortcuts, it’s not always obvious where you can learn them. Some aren’t published in help manuals or documentation. So where can you go to learn?

Shortcut World¬†is a new website with an “open Hotkey Reference Database with the goal to cover as many Applications on as many Platforms and in as many Languages as possible.” Organized and maintained by users much in the same way Wikipedia is, Shortcut World is a great place to learn new hotkey combinations.

On the website you can sort by operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.), program (Excel, Word, etc.), and even web applications (Dropbox, Gmail, Remember the Milk, etc.

For an example of how the shortcuts are displayed, check out this page for Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows:

Very handy!

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