31 Pop By Gift Ideas for Real Estate Pros

Gift wrapped box.How many pop by gifts do you give away in a year? If you’re not taking advantage of this face-to-face gift opportunity, consider adding it to your existing efforts to stay in touch with leads and past clients. They’re an inexpensive way to cut through the online noise while making a real human connection.

Most agents we talk to have a hard time coming up with clever, appropriate, affordable options for pop by gifts, so we did a little digging online and came across this superb list of 31 pop by gift ideas from Emile L’Eplattenier of Fit Small Business. Each of the ideas in this list comes with a clever tag line as well as a photo example of the gift.

Some we enjoyed in particular:

  • Small Potted Cactus — “Thanks for Helping me Grow!”
  • M&M’s in Prescription Bottle — “RE/MAX Remedy: Enjoy 2 M&M’s at The First Sign of Tax Stress Symptoms and Call Me if I Can be of Help!”
  • Rustic Wall Mount Bottle Opener — “There’s Always an Opening in My Schedule for Your Referrals”
  • Diamond Shaped Ice Cube Tray — “You’re a Gem of a Client!”

Each idea includes the average price and links to buy the gift. Check out all 31 here:



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