Comprehensive Guide to Improving Home Value

Couple planning a renovation.Recently we heard from the folks over at Groom + Style about their newest How-to Guide, “How to Increase Your Home’s Value.”

The team recently reached out to 100+ real estate agents, home appraisers, and contractors and asked them to share their top tips for increasing home values. They received a wide range of answers, from big projects to small tweaks. While there were things we’ve all heard before, there were also a number of surprises.

They’ve compiled it all into a 5,000-word guide you can find online:

Sections include:

1. Strategic Considerations for Increasing Your Home’s Value
2. Remodeling for your Lifestyle
3. Conversions — Plan Carefully
4. Small Improvements with High Returns
5. Pre-Sale Tune-ups
6. Things That Don’t Improve Your Home’s Value

We hope you enjoy this handy guide!

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