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Snip & Save Text with Memomize

Here’s a Google Chrome extension which will help you gather and remember all of those little snippets from the web you want to save for later. The extension is called “Memomize” and it works like this: Highlight text from any webpage. Right click the selection and choose “Add to Memomize.” The next time you open [...]

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Fix Your Flow with Inbox When Ready

How many times have you opened your email to send a message, only to get diverted by the landslide of waiting messages in your inbox? It’s a common problem, and one of the ways we inadvertently let our inbox run our day. If you use the Google Chrome browser, there’s an extension to help with [...]

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Increase your Productivity with StayFocusd

Are sites like Twitter and Facebook stealing your productive hours? If you use the Chrome web browser, there’s a handy solution.

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