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Keep Your Mortgage Calculator Handy

Conversations with first-time buyers who have yet to approach banks for mortgage pre-qualification tend to center on how much home they can really afford. To keep the conversation flowing, impress your prospects by whipping out your smartphone and walking them through some mortgage payment and budget scenarios. Here are two smartphone apps you can download [...]

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Are FICO Scores Going Extinct?

There’s a lot of conversation about the future prospects of millennial home buyers, and what it means to the health of the real estate industry. But here’s the catch: Many of these younger buyers don’t have established credit scores. In fact, a surprisingly high percentage are averse to all forms of traditional credit. The¬†Fast Company¬†article [...]

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Tips for Seeking Satisfaction with Your Lender

Home buyers may not realize how complex and competitive the lending process can be. For many, especially first-time buyers, there’s only a hazy idea of “the bank” approving or denying them a mortgage. So many don’t realize how to shop for a loan or that investing a little time upfront can result in profound savings [...]

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