The Best Crowd-Sourced Travel Hacks

Globe in hand.With the holidays comes holiday travel for many. Did you know that those who hit the road every year for thousands of miles of business flights know a lot of tips and tricks which the average holiday traveler can use to make their transit easier?

Recently, a question posted on the crowdsourced knowledge website Quora asked, “What are the best travel hacks?” Over 100 answers flooded in, and now the responses are organized by topic.

Here are a handful of good ones to sample:

“For domestic flights, if you’re flexible with the schedule, ask if the flight needs ‘volunteers’ — people willing to give up their seat in exchange for an airline voucher. I’ve made over $2000 in airfare when they didn’t ask for volunteers.” -Suzan Song

“When booking flights and hotels online enable private browsing. Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you’ve visited before.” -Greta Focarelli

“Use a shower cap to wrap your shoes and to avoid to stain your clothes with their dirty soles.” -William Beteet

“If your flight gets cancelled/delayed or you’re likely to miss a connection, pick up the phone and rebook your flight. Don’t wait in a long queue at the “customer service” counter. By the time it’s your turn, the remaining seats on the ‘next flight out’ are probably already done. The agents at the counter will be rushed, and won’t investigate all available routing options because they see 50+ irritated people behind you.” -Matt Mickiewicz

Check out the entire list here:

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