3 Power Conservation Tips for Your Clients

Power transmission lines.When the A/C is running non-stop in the summer months, the power bill can really cook the monthly budget. Here are a few simple tips to help your clients reduce their power bills year round:

1. Swap out old bulbs for LEDs. The new generation of LED lighting has gotten seriously good and a single bulb can last up to 20 years longer than a traditional incandescent bulb. In rooms where bright lights are boss (think: kitchen and bathroom) ditch the old style filaments for the newest in LED lighting.

2. Clean your clothes with cold water. Unless you have some greasy stains which need the hot treatment, reduce the amount of energy needed to run a load by 90% by sticking to cold water. The clothes will be just as clean.

3. Drop the brightness level on your television. Ever noticed how you can sometimes see your neighbor’s flat screen glowing from down the block? Believe it or not, most default settings on televisions are set far too bright and can comfortably be reduced. This tip alone can save you up to $40 per year per television.

Savvy power consumption makes a big difference. Changes which you’ll barely notice can add up to thousands over the years.

(Feel free to copy/paste these tips into email newsletters and Facebook status updates to share with your clients!)

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