6 Responses to Differentiate Yourself

Man standing solo on a cliff.We all know that differentiating yourself from the competition isn’t a matter of answering a question. It’s something you hope to demonstrate to your client over time. That said, you’re likely to find yourself in a meeting with a prospective client in which they ask you this very question.

Rather than sputter and answer with empty business clich├ęs, (“we believe in service” and “we go the extra mile”), be prepared with these client-winning responses that not only answer the question, but also open up the question to a more productive conversation.

Response #1: Admit everyone is good.

“I think you’ll find that almost everyone you’ll talk to is technically competent and professional enough to get the job done. The way I work with clients on a daily basis is what tends to set me apart from other agents. Tell me: What are you looking for in an agent?”

Response #2: Refer them to past clients.

“What makes me different than other agents is best demonstrated in an actual working relationship. I have had clients tell me that working with me is much different than their experience with past agents, so they’re probably the best ones to answer this question. If you’d like, I can put you in touch with a few recent clients who would be happy to serve as references.”

Response #3: See who you’re competing against.

“I believe there are significant differences between myself and other agents, but it can also depend on the particular property situation we’re dealing with, and who I’m being compared to. Who else have you spoken with about your home?” (Note: Make sure you’re not violating any privacy or ethical boundaries here.)

Response #4: Shift the conversation back to your client’s needs.

“One of the ways I’m different is the amount of time I invest in understanding my clients’ priorities prior to contractual arrangement. So, the first step is for me to comprehend what your concerns are about the (purchase / sale) of your home. I’m interested in hearing more about your timeline, fears, and hopes for this process.”

Response #5: Describe similar situations you’ve faced in the past.

“Where I tend to perform well compared to other agents can depend on the particular situation. Since I specialize in [your areas of expertise, i.e. short sales, avoiding foreclosure, marketing luxury properties], I’ve had a number of opportunities to go above and beyond for clients just like you. [Optionally: Talk about recent similar sales / buyer situations.]

Response #6: Reverse the question to focus on client expectations.

“I think you’ll find that if we work together, I’ll exceed your expectations. However, that will depend a bit on what your expectations are for the process. What are your expectations for a successful partnership?”

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