Amp Up Your Email with WiseStamp

WiseStamp logo.When was the last time you really looked at your email signature?

There’s a trend among real estate agents to jam pack email signatures. Sometimes they’re longer than the messages they send!

You know the kind… office phone number, cell number, fax number, inspirational quote, Twitter icon, LinkedIn icon, Facebook icon, web page link, business card photo, another inspirational quote, office logo… all in six different font sizes and colors… oh, and by the way: I’m never too busy for your referrals!

If this is you, don’t take it personally. You’re trying to be helpful and available. You’re trying to be friendly. It’s understandable. But in the electronic age, brevity and focus often drives responses and results.

WiseStamp is an interesting service which helps you use your email signature in a more effective way. It allows you to constantly shift up the content that appears in your signature without any additional effort. By using WiseStamp’s “email apps,” you can do things like integrate your Twitter feed, share your latest blog post, and more.

WiseStamp claims users of their signatures receive:

  • 32% more email replies
  • 10% increased social media reach
  • 15% increase in leads
  • 22% more clicks

Check out WiseStamp and see what you think. Even if you’re not ready to give it a try, set yourself a reminder to look at your email signature once a quarter and evaluate if it’s working for you or not.

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