Are You Cashing in on Client Events?

Happy hour picnic drinks.Does your team use regular client appreciation events in order to generate leads, build rapport, and increase referrals? If not, you might want to check out this short coaching pieceby Michael Hellickson. Not only does it talk about the kinds of events you should consider, it also includes a specific pre-event marketing checklist.

Michael writes:

“These events are extremely important because they provide you with an opportunity to connect with your clients in a meaningful way, that is not self-serving and has no direct benefits to yourself. Remember, the client is always wondering: WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?

This is not the time to provide a seminar of any kind, but rather a fun and enjoyable experience. No event should cost you your savings, either. A Club Wealth Coaching client held a $250 happy hour event and walked away with 5 transactions!

Client events are not about the event itself, but rather the opportunity to make connections. A simple barbecue, s’mores on the beach or a movie in the park for a small number of people with the appropriate music goes a long way in building relationships.”

Save this article and start planning your next (or first!) client event:

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