LifeHacker University: Best Online Spring Courses

Image of LifeHacker University icon.LifeHacker University: Best Online Spring Courses

With the price of a college education running higher and higher per credit hour, free online courses are becoming quite a way to stretch your budget while taking on college-level learning.

If there are subjects out there you’d like to brush up on, or you’re looking to pick up a survey of some topics you may have partied through way back in your undergraduate days, you’ve got a lot of great options out there!

The question remains: Where to start? Luckily, LifeHacker has just released its “LifeHacker University Spring Semester 2013” course guide with a comprehensive list of subjects you can freely register for right now:

Click here to review LifeHacker University’s Spring Semester Guide

Not only is this a great resource for you, it can be a superb way to pass along a thoughtful note to clients who might be interested in free courses.

In fact, why not share links on personal finance and economics with prospective first-time buyers? There are many links to free finance courses included in the LifeHacker Spring 2013 guide.


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