Beyond Luxury? The $41,000 Refrigerator

The $41,000 FRIDGE?!Okay, when was the last time a kitchen appliance upgraded added a cool $40,000 to the listing price of a home? Sound absurd? Well… it kind of is.

Meet the the Robey Meneghini three-door “La Cambusa” customizable refrigerator:

If you’ve got a luxury client looking for over-the-top kitchen functionality, this beast features “fridge/freezer/coffee maker/microwave oven/steam oven/flat screen TV/ice maker/temperature controlled pantry & food storage.”

Sure, some might think it’s “ugly SUV” of the kitchen, but if bragging rights are your thing, it’s hard to imagine topping this beast. (To check out the full line of Robey Meneghini models, visit their website in the UK:


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