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BufferApp.comOne challenge with using social media to keep in contact with people is ensuring that you do so with consistency throughout the week. People tend to be inconsistent in their efforts, largely because they get busy and forget to do so, or remember suddenly that they haven’t posted in a long time (and go on a posting spree).

A nice way to temper this problem is Buffer, a free service which allows you to “queue up” posts to share throughout the day. Rather than posting in boom/bust cycles, you can drip out posts at a steady, feed-friendly pace. Not only does this ensure you hit peoples’ feeds consistently throughout the day, but it also prevents the dreaded “feed overload” which gets you unfollowed or unfriended.

Buffer allows you to “load up” your social media storehouse with future posts. You can use your browser, your mobile device, or many other services such as WordPress, email, If This Then That, Pocket, Twylah, and more. (Don’t worry if you don’t recognize all of those! You don’t need to understand them to use Buffer.)

Smooth out your social stream with Buffer today:

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