Captio: Email Your “Note-to-Self” Fast

Captio LogoHere’s a handy app for those of you out there who use Apple iPhones or iPads and like to use basic email as your reminder system. The app is called “Captio” and it lets you email yourself notes with lightning speed.

Features include:

Blazing speed: Captio is optimized for speed. Start-up only takes a second or less and sending notes is much faster than with similar solutions.

Local storage: When no internet connection is available, Captio stores your notes on your phone. Those notes get sent when you’re back online. The number on the icon of Captio indicates how many notes are stored, so you don’t forget to send them.

Photo attachments: Sometimes it’s just easier to use a photo to remember something. With a couple of taps you can take a picture within Captio and attach it to a note.

Great integration: Because Captio uses email to send notes, it integrates well with most popular task management systems. For example: Evernote, Backpack, OmniFocus, Remember The Milk and Good Todo.

Check out Captio for yourself:

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