Choke Out Spam with Throttle

Throttle LogoAs long as there is email, there will be spam. But with innovative services like Throttle, the amount of spam you see in your life may be drastically reduced.

Throttle has many features, but at its core is a change in how you submit your email address to companies online. From the website:

“The Throttle browser extension automatically generates unique email addresses for you. A button is added to all email form fields online. Instead of entering your real email address, just click the Throttle button, and a unique email address is generated and filled into the field for you. Everything received for you is combined by Throttle into a single daily digest email.”

This feature cuts down on email notifications and consolidates marketing messages so you can review them as time and interest allows.

Another interesting feature is Throttle’s “Spamsense.” Spamsense “automatically detect when a sender sells or shares your email address” and “with Revoke Access you can shut them all down with a single click.”

Throttle is not a free service, but it is relatively affordable considering the time and attention you’ll save over the course of a year. You can learn more about Throttle’s pricing and features here:

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