Cities Alive: Towards a Walking World

Image of Cities Alive report PDFHow, in an increasingly crowded world, do we create cities which thrive?

A recent report by the global engineering consulting firm ARUP provides a compelling view into a future where walkability is the single most powerful transformer of the way we live and interact. “Cities Alive: Towards a walking world” is a free download and well worth your time. It’s thought-provoking and packed with facts and ideas which might just push you in new directions.

From ARUP’s introduction to the report:

“Cities Alive: Towards a walking world highlights the significant social, economic, environmental and political benefits of walking. Informed by specialist insight and multidisciplinary expertise from across our global offices, we highlight 50 benefits of walking explored through 16 distinct indicative themes, and list 40 actions that city leaders can consider to inform walking policy, strategy and design. These are informed by a catalogue of 80 international case studies that will inspire action, and further aid cities in identifying and evaluating opportunities.”

Download the report for free here:

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