Clever Tech Gift: Chargecard & Chargekey

Image of Chargecard USB iPhone chargerLooking for a perfect stocking stuffer or thoughtful thank-you gift for your tech-loving friends and colleagues? Check out Chargecard and Chargekey, two ingenious little products that eliminate the need to keep a charging cable with you for your iPhone, Android Phone, or other USB-chargeable devices.

Chargecard and Chargekey are exactly the size they advertise: Credit card sized and key-sized, ideal for fitting in a wallet or on a keychain. One end has a charging port designed to match your device and the other has a handy USB 2.0 interface. Basically, anywhere you can find a USB port, you can charge your device.

How many times have you forgot your cable at home? How many times have you forgotten your cable while traveling? Chargecard and Chargekey are always handy when you need them.

Designed in California, the products are the result of a successful and innovative Kickstarter campaign. You can pick them up online for $25. While that may not sound like a deal, how much would you pay for a charge when you really needed it?

Check them out online (including videos of how they work):

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