Do You Use a Pre-listing Kit?

A listing kit in the mail.One way to drive the efficiency and efficacy of your listing meetings is to be sure to send a pre-listing kit ahead of your scheduled meeting. Not only will this allow clients to digest a lot of information at a comfortable pace (on their own time), but it also frees up considerable time during the meeting for true discussion which can build rapport with your clients.

Here’s a representative example of what you might include in a pre-listing kit:

1. A personalized cover letter

2. A “communication one-sheet” detailing all of the ways (and the best ways!) for getting in touch with you

3. A bit about your experience in real estate (remember to keep this relatively free of jargon… clients may not know what your various designations mean!)

4. A short marketing piece with a focus on your blog or Facebook Fan/Business page as well as any “case studies” you have from previous sales

5. Short bios of any team members who support you (also a good time to highlight any companies you partner with who will help market the home– from SEO companies, video professionals, or other marketing experts)

6. Testimonials from past clients (including links to videos on your website if you have them!)

7. Any relevant press concerning your experience, community involvement, or charitable causes

8. A property disclosure form which covers the condition of the home, property taxes, and any unique features the home possesses

9. An open form for your prospects to write down questions they have about you, your service, or the home selling process

You can choose to provide the pre-listing kit as an actual, physical kit, but in many cases a digital one would do just fine. The pre-listing kit shows you are organized and that your prospects can expect to be in the hands of a true professional who has a trusted process for selling their home.

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