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FutureMe Logo.One way to increase the odds you will reach your goals is to create a mental bond to a future version of yourself. The process can help connect you to the outcomes you want to achieve. Writing a letter to your future self is one way to do just this. Part visualization, part writing exercise, writing a letter to your future self can reinforce your commitment in the here and now.┬áis a free web-based service which will automatically deliver your “letter to your future self” on a date of your choosing. Write your letter, pick a date in the future, and then when that date rolls around, you’ll receive the snapshot email written by your past self.

So what should you write yourself? Here are a few productive ideas:

  • Think about what your future self will be doing. What will you be like?
  • How will your future self feel about the decisions you’re making now?
  • Describe to your future self what you’re doing now to reach your long-term goals.

You might be surprised how powerful the act of writing to yourself can be if you’ve never tried it before. Even if you journal regularly, using this shift in form can have a completely different effect, making your intentions feel official, professional, and somewhat more public.

Try writing a letter as you might advise a close friend. Receiving it in the future may be more powerful than you can imagine.

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