Evaluating Expireds: Who Didn’t Sell It?

Expired parking meterAre all expired listings the same? Should you pursue them equally? Maybe not.

Why a property won’t sell can be a complex web of factors. Was it poorly priced? Is it something about the neighborhood? Was it marketed ineffectively? Are the sellers somehow impeding the sale?

Here’s one little tip you can use to evaluate whether or not an expired listing is worth your time: Who was the original listing agent?

If it’s someone you know to be a solid producer with a good track record, you might want to pass. If the agent likely “gave it their all,” who does that leave? The sellers.

When ranking expireds to approach, you might de-prioritize the ones you feel were formerly listed by strong agents. It could mean the sellers are problematic.

If you’re interested in working expireds, remember we offer a letter collection for Appealing to Expired Listings (https://gumroad.com/l/gye) as well as templates for Seeking Expired Referrals (https://gumroad.com/l/eyZg).

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