Five Common SEO Mistakes (from Google!)

Search Engine Optimization — the process by which you prepare text and code on your website for quality indexing in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! — is fraught with a wild mix of good, bad, and flat-out counterproductive information. Making mistakes can get you delisted or “punished,” virtually destroying any traffic (and leads!) you might receive from natural searches.

So when it comes to learning best practices for your website, where do you go? Why not directly to the source?

Google’s Webmaster Central Blog just released a very helpful post about “5 Common SEO Mistakes (and 6 Good Ideas!).” If you want some definitive answers, be sure to watch the 9 minute video on the blog (and check out the accompanying tips below):

Five Common SEO Mistakes from Google:

For a deeper look at these points, don’t miss this excellent coverage by Get Elastic:

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