Four Free Report Ideas to Generate Web Leads

Free Report IconWhat sort of incentive transforms visitors to your website into leads? The promise of a monthly newsletter is hardly an incentive these days to entice someone to fill out a form.

Permission to email someone on a regular basis must be earned, and if you hope to earn that trust, you need to provide visitors with something free that may tangibly improve their lives or help educate them in their pursuit of a particular goal.

White papers, ebooks, and free reports are great ways to build relationships with visitors, but the question remains: What to write? What can you offer that will convince someone that sharing their email address with you will be worth their time?

Below are four great report formats you can use to inspire yourself as you create that irresistible freebie:

1. 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid When [X]: Saving someone a headache or heartache is pure gold. It doesn’t have to be 7 mistakes, of course… even 3 pitfalls to avoid are usually enough to encourage a registration. As to the topic: Which real estate-related pitfalls can you think of? Where do people make mistakes? Some thoughts include: “3 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Considering a Short-Sale” or “5 Mistakes People Make When Staging Their Home.”

2. 10 Common Questions About [X]: People often don’t realize their fears or doubts are common. Put together a simple “frequently asked questions” ebook about a particular topic and you’ll prove your expertise while educating your prospects. Some topics: “10 Common Questions About Listing Your Home” or “10 Common Questions First-time Home Buyers Face.”

3. Free Check List for Evaluating [X]: Give people a checklist and you’ll provide them with a guide they can use to make an informed decision. Stress in the guide that the check list is an “overview” and that they should contact you for a deeper dive on the topics in the guide. Topics include: “Free Check List for Evaluating a Neighborhood” or “Free Check List for Applying for a Mortgage.”

4. An Introduction to [X]: A nice introductory primer on any topic is welcome. You could do a series of these on home maintenance, preparing a home for sale, buying an investment property, or any topic where a perfunctory overview might lead to an in-depth conversation.

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