Get Top Dollar for Your Used Device with Flipsy

Flipsy logoDid you get a new mobile phone or tablet for the holidays? Are you unsure what to do with your old device? Why not make a little money by selling it?

Most carriers offer minimal trade-in credit for your old phone, but there are ways to get a better deal. It’s true there are lots of buy-back and private sale platforms out there, but comparing the terms and shopping for the best offer is too time consuming.

Fortunately, there’s an online service built to get you the most for your used device. According to¬†, “The service instantly compares buy back offers from multiple vendors, lets customers sign up for price alerts and compare trade-in values versus private party sale values. Users can sell used devices to vendors or name their own prices in the marketplace.”

Brian Morris of Flipsy tells us:

“We can almost always find better offers than carrier trade-ins, plus dedicated trade-in companies pay out in cash versus carrier credit. Here’s an example: For a 16GB iPhone 6 (space gray) originally on AT&T’s network, Verizon will pay $139 in credit. Trade-in companies will pay as much as $206 in cash for the same device – a difference of $67. Moreover, the value of that same device on the private market (think Craigslist or Ebay) is $268.”

The marketplace is easy to use. Check out what your old device might be worth today:

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