Grouping Your Contacts: A Must for Email Marketing

Image of Contact GroupsOne of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make with their email database is high-frequency, inappropriate communication. When we say “inappropriate,” we don’t mean pictures from a holiday office party– we mean messages that lack context, may not be relevant, or include an abundance of self-centered advertising.

The problem with the “send everything to everyone in my database” approach is that it encourages people to unsubscribe from your email messages or mark your name as “Spam.” Once that happens, your email goes right to their garbage bin, regardless of how on-point your message might be.

To remedy this problem, you should consider grouping your contacts and developing a strategy to mail your contacts by group.

For example, one basic segment you could apply is the “local” versus “non-local” group. You probably have a number of contacts in your database who don’t live within driving distance of any of the open houses, special events, or social gatherings that you may use as part of your overall business strategy. So why do you send them the message? Are you really doing so “just in case” they’re in town? Or are you inadvertently broadcasting the message that your “invitation only” event is actually a mass e-mailed spamvitation?

If you really want to give them the option to attend these events, consider sending a short message which invites them to optionally subscribe to these announcements. Doing so shows you value their time and that you hold their permission to contact them in high esteem.

Your contact database is the most valuable asset you own, and you must protect that asset by continuously earning the trust, and admiration of your contacts. Segmentation and data-refinement will allow you to communicate with a higher degree of relevancy.

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