Listen to Long-form Journalism with Audm

Audm logoIn a world where we so often skip from headline to headline, it can be refreshing and engaging to explore long-form journalism. These longer pieces (typically over 3,000 words) can give us deeper insight and a richer picture of a complex issue or public figure. Unfortunately, they take much longer to read. This is definitely a challenge for those with busy schedules.

Audm is a relatively new startup which delivers current long-form pieces in audio. Read by professional actors, subscribers to Audm can catch up with the latest long-form journalism from publishers such as Wired, The Atlantic, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Foreign Policy, The New York Review of Books, Outside Magazine, ProPublica, London Review of Books, and more.

Techcrunch profiled the app last year and while the app is only available for Apple/iOS devices, it seems like a great new platform for long-form journalism. At $7.99/month (or $74.99/year) it’s a good value.

Check out Audm for yourself here:

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